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CicLAvia Marks Shift In Sustainable L.A. Transportation

Bikers at CicLAvia (Downtowngal, Wikimedia Commons)
Bikers at CicLAvia (Downtowngal, Wikimedia Commons)

The most recent event was held last week, with the selected route spanning from downtown L.A. to Venice Beach, according to the L.A. Times. Previous events had only been nine miles long, but this month’s event marked a significant expansion in CicLAvia’s popularity, as the route length almost doubled.

Though many motorists complain about the increased traffic and street delays that occur because of CicLAvia events, there must be increased promotion and support for the organization, as it represents the city’s necessary shift toward alternative, sustainable transportation.

CicLAvia not only promotes the use of green transportation, but also healthy living. According to the CicLAvia website, individuals utilize the day of public space to not only bike, but to walk dogs and engage in outdoor activities like yoga classes and picnics.


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