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China National Grid Approves ZAP’s Robot and Automated Battery Swap and Recharge Station

ZAP (ZAAP) an automotive company incorporated in California and headquartered in Santa Rosa, California announced that the battery Swap version of the E380 SUV has been approved by China National Grid for its battery swap stations in China, based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Robotic Arm with Standardized Battery Swap Module. (PRNewsFoto/ZAP Jonway)
The Battery Swap Version of E380 SUV (Model E380-S) was designed specifically to work with the robotic system used for battery swapping as specified by China National Grid. The battery packs that are used have been standardized to fit the robotic arm and also the recharging cabinets in the government funded charging stations that are being deployed by China National Grid. China National Grid (C-NG), the government monopoly that supplies electric power to China has launched extensive programs in selected provinces to support fast battery swapping. Generally, the swap out and replacement takes no more than 6 minutes to complete. In order to stimulate the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs), C-NG is promoting the sale of EVs without including the cost of the lithium batteries, and the batteries will be leased from C-NG or authorized funding partners. This business model is being adopted by taxis in Hangzhou, and also by a number of leasing companies that are working in partnership with C-NG. The vehicles could be leased to owners and paid over a period of several years and the cost of the batteries is financed by C-NG and amortized over that period of time.


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