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Charging stations popping up all over B.C.

Municipalities and other public institutions across British Columbia are embracing electric cars by providing charging stations. For example, at Okanagan College, 10 charging stations are available at its campuses in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and Salmon Arm. The Green Ride and Drive program, at left, at the Vancouver International Auto Show late last month also showed how popular these vehicles are.
Photograph by: McGeachie

The incredible response to our first Green Ride and Drive at the Vancouver International Auto Show late last month has me feeling more positive than ever about the future of green transportation in this province.

Available for reservation on a first-come basis during the show, our green rides included everything from hybrids to completely electric, zero-emission vehicles — each manufacturer offering their own unique technology, design and perspective on clean transportation. We couldn’t keep the guests away.

Combine that excitement with the extension of the B.C. government’s Clean Energy Vehicle for BC incentive program and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some of the cleanest, greenest roads in the world, right here in British Columbia.

Our municipalities are also making it easier for drivers to embrace a cleaner way of getting around with charging stations cropping up in handy locations including parks and shopping centres.

There are more than 200 charging stations up and running in B.C., and after the remaining stations supported by the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund (CCIF) are complete later this spring, we’re looking at more than double that across our great province.

From Vancouver to the Tri-Cities, Surrey, the North Shore, Burnaby and into the Okanagan, charging stations are becoming a regular sight.

In fact, as recently as last month 10 charging stations have come online through Okanagan College, which has four at its Kelowna campus, and two at each of the campuses in Penticton, Vernon and Salmon Arm. Your cost? The same as visitor parking fees.

When you consider that battery-powered electrics can potentially save you more than a $1,000 in fuel bills over the course of a year, the option becomes even more viable.


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