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BMW i3 electric car: the inside story – Telegraph

The i3 doesn’t have a full carbon-fibre monocoque like the Lamborghini Aventador or McLaren P1 supercars. The running gear, suspension and steering are mounted on an aluminium rolling chassis, while the outer body panels are plastic

By Andrew English10:29AM BST 25 Apr 2013
BMW reveals the carbon-fibre body and inner workings of the i3, which might be the most complete battery-electric car so far.

BMW recently unveiled some of the secrets of its battery-powered i3 hatchback, which goes on sale this year. Claiming the i3 will be the world’s most sustainable car, journalists were allowed access to the i3’s remarkable wind turbine-powered, carbon-neutral production plant near Leipzig in Germany.

It quickly became clear, however, that even the buying public won’t be flocking to the i3 because it is a battery car (a 650cc, twin-cylinder motorcycle-engined range extender is expected to take at least half of all i3 sales), but they might because it is a (partly) carbon-fibre car.



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