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All EV Rally, Canada to Mexico “BC 2 BC 2013”

Good Afternoon Electronauts!!!

This year’s edition of “BC 2 BC 2013”, 1500 miles from Canada to Mexico, starts Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the Peace Arch Park in Blaine, Washington and ends in San Ysidro, California (specific location not yet announced):

June 29, 2013

9am – Reception and check in
10am – Breakfast
11am – Driver’s meeting
12pm – First vehicles launch in interval

All electric vehicles are invited. The first checkpoint will be the Greenwood Car Show – Seattle, WA..

If you have any additional suggestions for checkpoints, I would love to hear them!

This year, Nissan will provide a car and charging station support (and prepositioned generators) amongst other help for the difficult areas of north California and between San Francisco Bay / Los Angeles. We will have Tesla Model S also represented by private entries.

Oregon and Washington state have EXCELLENT charging infrastructure with about 50 CHAdeMO chargers along the route. Obviously, that won’t help either the ActiveE or upcoming i3.

I have invited ZERO Motorcycle (an EV motorcycle manufacturer with CHAdeMO equipped bikes) and Mitsubishi Motors with their iMiev. I have also invited Tesla Motors. If somebody has a good contact with BMW media department, I’d like to formally invite them.

I cannot imagine that “compliance car” manufacturers would be interested, like Toyota (Rav4), GM (Spark), Honda (Fit), et al.

Tony Williams
San Diego

1. Rally will start at Blaine, Washinton and end in San Ysidro, California in odd numbered years, and reverse in even numbered years.

2. Vehicles would be release in 15 minute to 1 hour intervals (depending on how many registrations)

3. Any electric powered vehicle of any type is permitted; those that use any fossil fuel augmentation would need those energy sources sealed from use during the event.

4. There will be a series of marshalls and check points enroute.

5. Participants are prohibited from prepositioned charging stations / battery swapping stations, however event organizers may choose to do so for the event. Any event prepositioned charging power source or charging station must be available to all participants.

6. Teams may be up to two registered driver / navigators per vehicle. No further augmentation or replacements allowed. Should a single driver become incapable of completing the course, then a previously named alternate may substitute the remainder of the course. Vehicles registered with two drivers may operate with one driver, however that one driver must do so for the remainder of the course.

7. This is not a race !!!!! While bragging rights are always important, operating within the confines of the rules of public highways is moreso. Any car whose average speed exceeds the posted “course peak speed limit” is automatically disqualified.

8. Vehicles must be legal to operate in the USA states of Washington, Oregon and California. Passing a event technical inspection does not mean the vehicle is legal on public highways. Only the operators can determine that.

9. Proof of insurance is required for registration. A signed release of liability from all participants is required.

10. No “Pre-Runner” or “Chase Trucks” allowed.

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