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Tesla Model S outsells Volt, Leaf, but Musk has other priorities

Tesla Motors reached an important milestone in the first quarter as its high-end electric Model S sedan outsold the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and the electric Nissan Leaf.

Tesla is expect to announce in its upcoming quarterly earnings report in May that it sold 4,750 of its Model S sedans, which start around $70,000.

That would beat the Chevy Volt’s first-quarter sales of 4,244, which was an 8% increase for the Volt compared with the same quarter in 2012, according to Autodata figures.

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Sales of the Nissan Leaf totaled 3,539 in the first quarter, more than double compared with last year’s first quarter, but still not enough to overtake the Volt or Tesla.

In an interview, Tesla founder and chief Elon Musk had a somewhat subdued reaction to the sales figures, saying he didn’t care much about leading the sales charts.

“My goal in creating Tesla was to accelerate the use of electric cars,” Musk said.


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