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Zipcar plugs Honda Fit EVs into Portland fleet – AutoblogGreen

Portland, OR, is a smart place to go if you’re in the car sharing or electric vehicle business. It’s a town where it’s cool to recycle, to embrace your eclectic or idiosyncratic side and to check outcarsharing and electric vehicles.

Zipcar and Honda are betting on Portland, and will be expanding their carsharing partnership there. The carsharing giant is adding a number of 2013 Honda Fit EVs to its Portland fleet, with the first ones rolling on campus at Portland State University There are a number of charging stations in town already, and Ecotality will be providing Blink charging stations and access to its network, where Zipcar members can make reservations to charge the cars.

Portland State University made sense for Zipcar, what with its commitment to environmentally conscious innovations and Electric Avenue charging stations on campus and all. The new Fit EVs start at $10.25 an hour. Members who book Fit EVs in Portland will have full access to the Blink charging network throughout the Portland area. Every Fit EV in the Zipcar network comes equipped with a Blink InCard, providing complimentary access to Blink Network charging stations.


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