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Would You Want To Buy This Subcompact Electric Car? (Video)

Back in January, our dear leader fearless editor dubbed the Renault Zoe “Europe’s most important electric car”.

For him, that’s partially because the Zoe was built from scratch, and because it has no gas-powered sibling. For others, proof of the Zoe’s significance came a few months earlier, when the Zoe shattered the record for distance traveled in an electric car in a 24-hour period.

Now that the Renault Zoe is quietly winding its way toward French electric car-enthusiasts, Renault has launched a new video that shows off some of pint-sized ride’s high-tech features. A quick review of the clip’s claims reveals that, on the whole, there’s plenty to get excited about:

“The design is truly stunning”: We’d agree with that statement. For a moderately bare-bones electric car, the Zoe is cute and approachable — more akin to the buglike Toyota Yaris than the quirky Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
“Zoe is the first 100% electric car that’s truly affordable”: We agree with that, too. Though we’re having trouble finding the Zoe’s price in France, just across the Channel, it costs £13,650 after government subsidies, or just over $20,200.


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