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Where is Concord’s Closest Electric Car Charging Station? – Concord, MA Patch

Drivers who are considering a switch to electric vehicles or current vehicle owners looking for a place nearby to charge their rides have a couple of places to find their outlet.

According to the crowd-sourced, the closest charging stations are in the municipal lot at 4 Grant St. in Lexington, at the Ninety-Nine Restaurant in Billerica and the Acton Toyota of Little.

Carstations allows users to upload new car charging locations to a Google map and (when applicable) provides details on the station.

According to the site’s About section, “this website is designed to encourage participation and welcomes user interaction in the form of comments, updates and user generated content.”

There are also more official sites providing electric car charging information. This week, NSTAR launched a new hotline and website to provide customers with information about electric vehicles, including local options for charging, payment options and details about electric vehicle technology, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Launched in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the new information center is a key part of a pilot program designed to help the state establish an electric vehicle infrastructure and continue efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the NSTAR statement.



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