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What The Subaru Shows Plug In Hybrid VIZIV Means For Us

Subaru, long absent from the hybrid scene showcases the diesel plug-in hybrid VIZIV. Find out what this diesel electric Suby means for you.
Subaru is an incredible carmaker. Smaller than most, it enjoys a fearsome and loyal following. Subaru cars are tough, not the best for fuel efficiency but buy a Subaru and you are set for the next 250,000 miles or more. If Subaru has worked out the kinks with its flat four boxer engine, it’s integral four wheel drive platform making it one of the best and toughest performance cars, it needed to work on energy efficiency.

Everyone Has A Hybrid. Except Subaru! Ever wonder why so many carmakers have some sort of hybrid, yet Subaru has never offered us a hybrid. Sure there was the oddity of its two electric cars founding homes in Central Park, NYC and Japan, but no hybrids made it to the market. So is Subaru’s diesel plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for real or just showing what the company can do?


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