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VW launching at least six plug-in hybrids after 2014

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will play a big role in the moves the Volkswagen Group is making towards increased e-mobility starting in 2014. Oliver Schmidt, general manager engineering and environmental office for Volkswagen Group of America, speaking at the recent SAE 2013 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, said the automaker will be launching at least six plug-in hybrid models across its brands.

Schmidt was somewhat vague about details on the six PHEVs. At least two will be Volkswagen models – a plug-in hybrid version of the European Passat and a plug-in hybrid Golf. Some will be Audis, though how many wasn’t specified. He did say, “Then in ’14 and beyond the products that we want to do are plug-in hybrids for the bigger Audis.”

Currently, VW is producing five hybrid models that could see plug-in versions – the Touareg and Jetta from Volkswagen, the Porsche Cayenne S and Panamera S and the Audi Q5. There are two more hybrids in pre-production – the Audi A6 and A8, Schmidt said, though he didn’t specify whether any of these seven hybrid models will have plug-in hybrid counterparts.


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