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USA: You’re Invited to Exhibit at the 3rd annual Green Kids Conference!

A conference dedicated for children!
Green Kids Now, Inc., is honored to bring you,
Third Annual, Green Kids Conference!

Our goal is to educate kids and their families on environmental issues, make them aware of available resources and opportunities, and also to promote, encourage, and reward new innovative ideas.

Come and explore the latest developments and opportunities in
the following areas:
1. Education and Research
2. Clean Technology and Alternative Resources
3. Climate Science
4. Waste Management
5. Air Quality
6. Land / Nature Preservation
7. Energy / Water Conservation
8. Biomimicry
Check out our Jr. Scientists and Innovators Section!
“Encouraging our next generation to responsibly innovate”

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability should not be considered separately. Most of the issues we are seeing today with us not knowing how to use our raw materials and how to dispose of an item properly- like plastics, are because when people created products they did not consider these things. But now we know from our mistakes and from the issues we are currently facing today, that the right way is for us to think about environmental sustainability from the beginning of creating any product or solution.

“Environmental etiquette is the new norm for innovation”

Purpose of Jr. Scientists and Innovators section: To encourage kids to focus on science and innovation, and emphasize that environmental sustainability must be in the heart of everything we do.

Check out our Environmental Arts Exhibit!
More than 100 kids would be expressing their environmental message through arts using various form factors.
“A picture is worth thousand words”
Art Competition Judging Criteria
Don’t miss the sculpture created by the students of Prashanti Arts Studio, Fremont, CA made from plastic bottle caps and lids, an effort to raise awareness on the environmental issues caused by the plastic bottle caps and lids!

Read blog: Beware of Plastic lids and bottle caps!
Learn * Innovate * Take Action * Share

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Additional details:

Children ages 5 to 18 years are encouraged to participate with their families and friends.
Registration is mandatory for all participants, including children. Microsoft security requires only badged attendees to enter the building.

The booths will be open for the entire time. Presentations and performance would take place at scheduled times. Check the agenda for details.

Children of any age group who are taking action and are actively involved with projects, are encouraged to exhibit and present at this conference. You could register as a team, school, organization, or individual.

Your exhibit could earn you the Green Champ award!

Here are ways you can attend, participate and contribute:


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