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USA: Westport Electric Car Club EV Road Rally – April 27

Westport Electric Car Club EV Road Rally to take place on Saturday, April 27th.

It will start at the eastbound side of the Saugatuck Railroad Station with coffee to be provided for all who come.

The entrants must be plug-in hybrid or all electric vehicles and will leave for a designated 40 mile course.

A 3-hour rally tour will have several stopping points with a half-hour pit stop in Fairfield to join with the Earth Day activities going at Ward High School.

The cars will complete their Rally run at the Westbound side of the Saugatuck Railroad parking lot at which time awards will be presented to the winners.

To complete the festivities, a barbecue will be hosted by the Blu Parrot Restaurant with free sliders for all.

The auto dealers will have their electric vehicles for all to look at.

Come to join in for an exciting electric car event in Westport.

Then, on the next day, April 28, attend the Bedford 2020 Car Show!

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