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USA; TrafficCOM: A Data-Gathering Device For Friendlier Roadways

When I lived in a town overflowing with bike lanes and green ways, I biked and walked everywhere. Now I live in a sprawlish area right outside a huge city. No bike lanes. No easily accessible green ways. Limited sidewalks adjacent to very busy roads. And guess what? My bike and foot-powered journeys have decreased significantly (and much to my disappointment).

In many American cities, citizens must first prove that there’s a demand for bike and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure before the city will build it. Totally backwards, I know. TrafficCOM, a new device gathering funding on Kickstarter, aims to help by making it much easier to collect and share automobile and bicycle traffic count data.

Image via TrafficCOM

Using low-cost software, online mapping, and USB connectivity, TrafficCOM is designed make it possible for anyone to easily collect and share automobile and bicycle traffic count data.

Traffic counts are a point of contention in many communities. Either sufficient data does not exist, or the data is not freely shared by government agencies that collect it, say the gadget’s creators. This takes power away from those working to create infrastructure that support alternative forms of transportation because they lack data to back up their claim of need.


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