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US public charging stations increase by 180 a month, on track for 7,400 by end of year – AutoblogGreen

US public and private entities are adding publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations at a clip of about 180 units a month, which would put the country’s total at about 7,400 by year end, according to US Department of Energy figures.

For the six weeks from January 17 to February 28, the most recent date tracked, about 250 stations came online, bringing the US total to 5,615. California remained the state with the largest number of stations, by far, increasing its count by 81 units during those six weeks for a total of 1,182. San Diego had 82 stations open, San Francisco had 76 and Los Angeles had 68 stations.

The state with the second highest number of plug-in stations is Texas. The Lone Start State had 424 units open at the end of last month, including 69 in Austin and 45 in both Dallas and Houston. Third-place Florida was home to 351 publicly accessible charging stations.

As for retailers, Walgreens hosted 365 stations, Kohl’s had 55 and Whole Foods boasted 39 stations open to the public.


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