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Updates to the Nissan Leaf makes it a more user friendly ride | Automotive News, Views and ReviewsThe Fast Lane Car

Tesla may make headlines – the Nissan Leaf makes sales. Over 50,000 sold so far. Indeed, this is the most cost efficient and user-friendly, mass produced electric car on the market. Any market. The European version of the Nissan Leaf is getting updated just in time for the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, and these changes will be implemented for worldwide production soon.

According to Nissan, the improvements include:

“Technical improvements boost driving range from 109 miles to 124 miles
Luggage space improved by re-positioning charger to under the bonnet
New heat pump reduces electrical consumption in cold weather delivering real-world range improvements
Optional 6.6Kw charger reduces charging time from eight hours to four hours on a 32 amp supply
Chassis re-engineered in Europe, for Europe giving better handling and even greater driving pleasure
Line-up now consists of three trims – Visia, Acenta and Tekna – for more appeal and equipment
Production of new LEAF and its batteries will begin at Sunderland in the Spring”

Will these changes be implemented in the United States too? Sure, many of them. From what I’ve heard, these changes should increase the appeal to Nissan Leaf shoppers in the U.S.A. As it stands, the Nissan Leaf is still one of the cheapest options for electric mobility in North America.

Okay, so Ford’s Focus electric, GM’s electric Spark, Fiat/Chrysler’s electric 500 are viable options that will soon be available. The Nissan Leaf and Tesla products are the only purpose-built electric vehicles from the ground up being produced on a competitive scale. The Nissan Leaf needed a few tweaks to make it into a smarter buy. The charger is no longer housed in the cargo area (it’s under the hood) so there is more cargo room and the range has been extended. These were two minor gripes I had and they have been addressed.



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