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Top Two Plug-in Car Sales 46% Up From Last Year, Led by Volt

Sales of the Nissan LEAF are still hampered by supply, but Volt sales seem to have returned to a stabilized level.

February sales numbers for the top two plug-in vehicles are in. The figure once again reveal how the vagaries of the market—such as inventories, model year changes and seasonality—can create ups and downs not necessarily reflective of demand, or the long-term viability of a particular car. Expect advocates and detractors to read something deep into the fact that Volt is up and LEAF is down in February, but who knows what it really means? And the numbers are generally low enough that relatively small fluctuations are interpreted as big swings. For example, the combined year-to-date 2013 tally of Volt and LEAF sales are up 46 percent compared to this time a year ago.

Chevy Volt sales rebounded in February with G.M. reporting sales of 1,626 units, after January 2013 brought a 12-month low of only 1,140. That’s a roller-coaster ride continued from late 2012 when General Motors reported 1,519 sales in November, but jumped way up to 2,633 units in December. Year-over-year numbers are probably even less useful because of the rapid evolution of the market, especially in terms of general public perception, but you could benchmark February 2013 sales of 1,626 units as a big jump from February 2012 when G.M. sold 1,023 Volts.


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