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Three-wheeled TORQ Roadster is the fastest electric car ever, offers Formula One performance – NY Daily News

Electric cars from the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Model S all offer mobility, but none have truly approached Formula One performance until now. The TORQ Roadster from Epic EV proves that electric cars can have race car performance, boasting a 400 horsepower electric engine and carbon fiber panels. The three-wheeled TORQ Roadster will coast $65,000.

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TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013, 10:14 AM


According to its makers Epic EV, the TORQ Roadster is the world’s fastest three-wheel electric vehicle and can generate more G-force in a corner than a Ferrari.

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A mean green machine, the TORQ Roadster packs in 0-60mph acceleration in four seconds, One G of lateral force when cornering, and doesn’t require a drop of gas. The electric car earns Formula One status, despite the fact it only has three wheels. Its makers claim it is the fastest electric car available on the market.

As well as perfectly smooth and constant acceleration, the electric engine also offers over 400 horsepower, all of which is kept in check with four-piston racing derived brakes and a suspension and chassis set-up that borrows from Formula One technology. Meanwhile, ensuring that none of the horsepower is wasted through dragging around excess weight, the exterior panels are formed from carbon fiber to increase rigidity while keeping the vehicle lightweight.



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