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Tesla Motors Larger Than S&P 500 Component Sealed Air Corp. – Forbes

In the latest look at stocks ordered by largest market capitalization, Russell 3000 component Tesla Motors Inc (NASD: TSLA) was identified as having a larger market cap than the smaller end of the S&P 500, for example Sealed Air Corp. (NYSE: SEE), according to The Online Investor. Click here to find out the top S&P 500 components ordered by average analyst rating »
Market capitalization is an important data point for investors to keep an eye on, for various reasons. The most basic reason is that it gives a true comparison of the value attributed by the stock market to a given company’s stock. Many beginning investors look at one stock trading at $10 and another trading at $20 and mistakenly think the latter company is worth twice as much — that of course is a completely meaningless comparison without knowing how many shares of each company exist. But comparing market capitalization (factoring in those share counts) creates a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of the value of two stocks. In the case of Tesla Motors Inc (NASD: TSLA), the market cap is now $4.45B, versus Sealed Air Corp. (NYSE: SEE) at $4.43B.


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