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Tesla delays production of Model X electric car to the end of 2014

Tesla has quietly pushed back production of its third electric car, the SUV/minivan, the Model X. The car is important for the company and signals to the world that Tesla is an automaker with a line of cars that appeals to a broader demographic.
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In February 2012 when Tesla first showed off a prototype of its third electric car, a crossover SUV/minivan, the company told us it wanted to launch the car at the end of 2013, with volume sales starting in 2014. Now in its latest annual report Tesla said that it plans to start production of the Model X in late 2014 (hat tip Los Angles Times, Autoblog Green).

The delay sounds like it could be at least a year, which won’t make those early Model X reservation holders happy. Just after showing off the Model X prototype, the company said it had brought in more than $40 million worth of reservations for about 500 cars without any advertising. Of course reservations don’t always translate into sales, and the delay will likely lead to potential customers dropping off that reservation list.


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