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Tesla: 500 Model S Cars Per Week, Expanding In US, Canada, & Europe

Tesla is busy as ever, as it continues to gain further share of the global EV market while moving past the New York Times controversy from this winter. In its most recent blog post, Tesla noted that within the past three weeks it has pushed out an average of more than 500 Model S units a week, and is on pace on setting another production record.
Image Credit: Tesla Model X via Shutterstock

Image Credit: Tesla Model X via Shutterstock

Meanwhile, last week in California, Tesla registered its 3,000th Model S unit in California. And Model S consumers have now driven 12 million miles as the electric cars continues to gain further popularity across the globe.

Besides reaching 3,000 registered Model S users in California, the company is also expanding its unique stores. It recently opened one in Austin, Texas (during SXSW Week). In the near future Tesla will open up shop in Los Angeles, and will open a second outlet in Miami, Florida.

In recent months, the company also opened up its first store in my home country of Canada — this first Canadian store was in Toronto, More


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