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What’s it like to own a Chevy Volt? We asked Wade Barisoff of Maple Grove, who bought one last year.
Article by: CHRISTY DeSMITH , Star Tribune

Updated: March 8, 2013 – 3:33 PM

What made you decide to buy this car? Was it environmental concerns or something else?

If you ask my wife, she’d say I’m the worst recycler on the planet. I’m a little bit of a technology nerd. In 2006 I saw it released at the Detroit Auto Show and I said: “I want that.”

How does it drive?

Well, my last fun car was a Corvette. What gives a car like that the experience of fun is torque. Most cars, they generate their maximum torque around 3000 RPMs. Well, the Volt has all 273 pounds of torque at the gas pedal immediately when you touch it. So it has the same 0-30 [mph] performance as some Audis. It provides that sporty car feel.



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