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Solar and Electric Vehicle Cross-Marketing Strategies

NEW YORK, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Solar and Electric Vehicle Cross-Marketing Strategies

The number of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on roadways will grow rapidly to more than 3,000,000 globally by 2017. Most PEV owners pay attention to the nature of the power that charges their vehicles, preferring clean renewable power such as solar. These customers are prime targets for residential solar installers, as many PEV owners own homes that can accommodate a sufficiently sizable solar array to generate all of the power that their vehicles would consume on an annual basis.

Automotive companies have marketing budgets that far surpass the reach of the smaller and more regional solar installation companies. By collaborating, solar and PEV companies have the potential to expand both of their markets by reducing the combined installation costs of vehicle charging equipment and solar panels by sharing equipment and electrical contracting expenses. Together, these two industries can provide a complete solution that enables emissions-free driving as well as clean, low-cost electricity.

This Navigant Research report details the strategies that solar companies and PEV manufacturers can adopt to grow their markets, by explaining the immediate and long-term financial benefits of replacing fossil fuels with carbon-free electrons for both home and transportation energy. The report outlines the technical and financial background data needed to create compelling consumer outreach and the collaborative programs that PEV and solar PV sellers can develop to make solar and PEVs more affordable and cost-effective for consumers and fleet operators.

Key Questions Addressed:

• How can the solar and PEV industries benefit by working together?

• What programs can be developed to increase interest in home EV charging using solar?

• How are PEV manufacturers currently using solar power to increase the marketability of their vehicles?

• What are PEV owner attitudes toward solar power?

• How large will the market for PEVs become through 2020?

• How can PEV owners use solar PV to reduce their monthly electricity costs?

Who needs this report?

• Solar manufacturers

• Automotive manufacturers

• Solar installation and financing companies

• EV charging equipment manufacturers

• Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. EV Market Factors Creating New Opportunities

2.1 Light Bulb Moment for Customers

2.1.1 Environmental Concerns

2.1.2 Economic Concerns

2.2 Unprecedented Scale for Marketing Solar

2.3 Cost Savings with Combined Installation

2.4 Common Challenges and Potential Solutions

2.5 Visible Commercial Solar As Marketing Opportunity for Green Companies

2.6 EV Charging Without the Grid

2.7 Homework Required

2.7.1 EVSE Equipment and Levels of Charging

2.7.2 Vehicles on the Market

2.7.3 Utility Rates

2.7.4 Incentives

2.7.5 EV Charging Networks and Applications

2.8 Gateway to Total Home-Vehicle Management Solutions

3. Conclusions and Recommendations

3.1 Get Smart About EVs

3.2 Develop Turnkey Solutions

3.3 Think Long-Term

3.4 Form Strategic Partnerships

3.5 Get an Early Start on Innovation

List of Charts

• Cumulative Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales by Vehicle Type, World Markets: 2013-2020

• Public EV Charging Station Unit Sales by Region, United States and World Markets: 2013-2020

• V2H Infrastructure Investment by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020

To order this report: Clean_Vehicle Industry: Solar and Electric Vehicle Cross-Marketing Strategies

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US:(339) 368 6001
Intl:+1 339 368 6001

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