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Shanghai clearing the air with rental of electric cars – Crave – Car Tech – CNET Asia

Will Shanghai and Beijing residents finally be able to start breathing better air with more electric cars on the roads? China’s major cities are considered some of the most polluted in the world, partly due to exhaust from the sheer number of vehicles on the road. This could take a turn for the better with the introduction of an Electric-Car rental scheme.

Launched last week, a Shanghai car rental company that is partly owned by US based Rent-A-Car hopes this scheme will kick start interest in the for green cars in China.

Like some developed countries, owning a car in a big city in China is almost a status symbol which only the well heeled can afford. Even with heavily subsidized rates, the rental for an electric car ranges between 100 yuan (US$16) and 150 yuan a day, and 998 yuan (US$160) a month. Will residents in major cities of China, with an average monthly income of 4,387 yuan, be able to afford to rent one? The average residents may just stick to their nifty and affordable electric scooters.



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