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Running on ‘E’? New Brunswick plans free electric car charging stations

electric-car.jpg An electric car connected to a charging station is shown in this file photo. Andrew Miller/For The Times of Trenton
NEW BRUNSWICK — Charges for electric and hybrid vehicles will soon be on the house at two city parking garages.

The New Brunswick Parking Authority plans to install three electric car charging stations in its garages, the parking authority’s executive director, Mitch Karon, said recently. Two charging stations will be located at the Wellness Plaza garage, while the other will be housed at the Gateway Center garage.

Anybody who parks at those garages will be able to charge their electric cars at no additional cost, Karon said.

In addition to showing the parking authority’s “sincerity in pushing for sustainability,” Karon said he hopes the charging stations — which will cost the authority around $10,000 a piece — will help promote electric cars as a viable alternative to their petroleum-fueled counterparts.

One of the biggest issues electric vehicles face, in addition to their comparatively high cost, is the scarcity of publicly available charging stations needed to fuel them.

“People are hesitant to drive electric cars because they have no place to charge them other than their homes,” Karon said. “I hope it actually helps accelerate the possibility of more electric vehicles being on the roads in New Jersey.”


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