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Review: Ford Focus Electric proves EV’s don’t have to look different to be different

The Focus Electric – as its name implies – is Ford’s first full production, all-electric vehicle. Up until recently, it was slim pickings for EV adopters, with the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i the only real option south of $50,000. That’s no longer the case. Ford has been very keen to tout its EV chops with a sophisticated EV that eschews more eccentric styling found on the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i, and instead dons the sleek suit of the third-generation Focus.

We recently dived into the Focus Electric to find out whether this incognito EV is more style than substance, or if it has the ability to electrocute the competition.
A cozy cabin

The Focus Electric’s is just as handsome on inside as it is on the outside. Material quality is top-notch with an aggressively sculpted dash. And the “Starship Enterprise” styled center console will have drivers barking commands to passengers like a modern day Picard.

ford electric focus front console

Cloth bucket seats (partially made from recycled materials like plastic bottles) come standard, although leather interior can be had for $995.

A few design choices ding the overall layout, as do the omission of a few creature comforts. The interior is dramatic, but taller passengers will dislike the way the dash dips too closely, swallowing up more space that it should. The touchscreen is elevated a little too much, making it difficult to reach while driving. Up front, there are no adjustable power seat options for passenger and driver – although both are heated which is a welcome addition.

ford electric focus front interior

ford electric focus door controls

ford electric focus heated seats cup holders

In the back, the Focus Electric is moderately spacious, and despite the fact that Ford says it will fit three people in the rear seat, two is much more realistic.



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