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Non-toxic Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Revolutionizing Power Tools

Around the job site you will see all sorts of cordless power tools. Over the years, as the technology has gotten better, smaller and more powerful, they have become more relied upon. They are essential to productivity and the demanding nature of the job. For a long time, the only concern about the battery, the power plant of the tool, was whether or not it had enough power. What the battery was made of was not of much concern and where it went when it was all used up was even less of a concern. But contractors and people who use these tools are more aware, more conscientious of what they use and how they use it.

Most cordless power tools were powered with Nickel Cadmium battery packs. These battery packs were good because they were much better than the old lead based packs, they were fairly cheap and had a decent power to weight ratio. But for all of their advantages, they still contained cadmium, which is considered a toxic material. That meant that there were millions of these battery packs being used and discarded with toxic material contained within. Many manufacturers tried to offer recycling and collection services, but more often than not, these battery packs were thrown away with the rest of the construction waste.


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