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New MnDOT commissioner will drive an electric car

Of all the news delivered at today’s St. Paul Transportation Summit, the most surprising was Charlie Zelle telling attendees that he will drive an electric car.

Zelle, who was recently appointed at MnDOT’s commissioner, wryly said that he was unaware that he got a company car to go with his new job,but when it came down to choosing one he opted for a Chevy Volt.

In refering to a study that MnDOT is conducting on electric vehicles, Zelle said “We now have a larger study.” He also pointed out that the sale of a Chevy Volt provides more motor vehicle sales tax dollars than the sale of a Chevy Cruze

Don’t feel too badly for our roads,” he said.

In his remarks, Zelle said transit and roads are not separate systems, and that part of his vision as commissioner is to bring them together.

Zelle was one of several speakers to step to the podium during the 5th annual St. Paul Smart Trips Transportation Summit, which highlighted contributions and accomplishments by organizations dedicated to improving transportation in the capital city.


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