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New Details About the BMW i3 Released

BMW’s new all-electric car, the i3 Concept Coupe will be unveiled at Geneva this week. Along with the new i8 Concept the two new cars from BMW will usher in a new era for BMW cars.

It is a new era because the research done while creating these amazing new cars will help build better cars in the future. The new 7 Series is already rumored to have new body parts made out of carbon fiber mixes and to be equipped with new iDrive and ConnectedDrive systems, all of which have been developed whilst creating the new i3 and i8.

Even the new F15 X5 will have these features, all of these being done in the hope of reducing the cars’ weight to further improve the fuel efficiency and CO2 levels of future models.

This year, BMW will start deliveries of the new i3. The main problems electric cars face are: the short driving range and the inadequate charging infrastructure. Therefore, BMW tested the new car’s issues on the biggest electric mobility field trial ever attempted.

BMW conducted trials and experimented with range issues and infrastructure problems since 2008. Over 1,000 pilot customers in ten countries over 3 continents drove in excess of 20 million km to see how they get along with the eDrive vehicles and what issues they encounter.]


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