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Nest: Where One Electric-Car Charger Grew To Three

While we’re nearing 100,000 plug-in electric cars on U.S. roads, they’re not evenly distributed–and the largest group of them is in California.

This has led to occasional congestion at charging stations, and now it turns out that happens at workplaces too.

Venture-funded startup Nest Labs, a media darling for its high-design smart thermostat, is headquartered in Palo Alto, California–the heart of Silicon Valley.

The company had installed an electric car charger in January, partnering with the ChargePoint network to do so, as part of an initiative to help employees make their commutes in a greener fashion.

But within a month, Nest found that during the workday, its charging station was being used to recharge various plug-in cars essentially 100 percent of the time.


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