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NEEAA : Message: NEEAA March Meeting Minutes

Great meeting last Saturday – glad to see so many make it out for the Yale get together! EVs present were the Leaf and Tom’s Kia EV. Folks showing up included Joe B, Bill G, Jesse, George, Tom H, Dale, Gilles and others.

The meeting was held at Yale’s recently opened CEID, a place where students can machine, 3-D print, solder and otherwise fabricate anything they can think of! Very impressive facility!

The business meeting started at 3pm and wrapped up about 4:10pm so the Yale Bulldog Race Team could present their design work.

Below are the minutes of the meeting. See you at the April meeting!

Yours in EVs,

Business Meeting start: 3pm 3/9/2013
Business Meeting end: 4pm

– Special Thank You to Karen for arranging the Yale facility to host our meeting and to invite the Bulldog race team. The team presenters were Alex Villarreal, Shirar Patel and Adam Goone. They will be competing in a race on April 29th. Good luck! Check out for more info.
– EAA National Meeting – Dave gave a briefing on his attendance at the national EAA annual meeting (see notes below)
– NEEAA Shift to for E-mail, etc – Discussed the benefits (combine Yahoo Groups and direct Emails to the EAA main website). Group agreed to pursue. Dave will investigate.
– VP Openings – Our chapter currently has two offers; President & Treasurer. Considering how EVs are advancing, Dave suggests opening the ranks for two new Vice-President positions; VP of Conversions and VP of OEM EVs. Duties would include coordinating meetings every other month. The group agreed with this initiative and one person volunteered for the VP of Conversions. We need one more for VP of OEM EVs and we can vote on them at the next meeting. If interested, please send an e-mail to me – thx.
– CCSU Sustainability Symposium- April 4th at CCSU in New Britain, CT will be an all-day event on sustainability living (info on their website — use google for more info). Joe Booth and Dave O will be panelists at 11am.
– Harvard EV Educational Seminar Opportunity – Check past e-mails for details; a student at Harvard is looking for volunteer EV’ists in the area to participate in their EV week next month.
– Westport EV Club Road Ralley – April 27 is a 40 mile road ralley in Westport, CT. If you’re interested, google for the event or ask and I should still have a copy of their poster to share.
– Finance report; George gave a thorough financial report for the period.
– NEEAA Meeting sites for the rest of 2013:


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