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More Nissan LEAF Cars ans Charging Stations Coming

Fans of the all-electric, much-awarded Nissan LEAF can look forward to the next generation of the car arriving on showroom floors soon. Set to float gently to Earth at next month’s Geneva Auto Show, the new Nissan LEAF promises longer range, better ergonomics and driving experience, and a light to see where to plug the bloody thing in at night.
Since its launch in 2011, the LEAF has put 50,000 of the silent transporters into various eco-loving garages around the globe. The new LEAF sports more than 100 modifications because of engineering improvements and owner feedback. Nissan has also acquired aggregated LEAF data from its Carwings Telematics System to track charging, usage and mileage patterns. Nissan engineers then integrate changes into key components and systems.
CTS also allows owners to remotely control heating and charging. The new system also offers greater smartphone integration, improved voice recognition, eco-routing and real-time information for the nearest charging stations.
In addition to a new large color touchscreen, sat-navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and disc player, Google’s new Send-To-Car system allows LEAF owners to fully plan out a trip on their PC or tablet. Instructions are then sent to the car. The system also allows access to Google’s POI search, giving drivers access to weather forecasts and flight information.
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