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Minister takes lead in promoting electric vehicles

Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, who has championed the research and development of new energy vehicles for decades, didn’t miss a chance to promote the new industry.

During China’s annual legislative session, Wan abandoned his official sedan and took a small electric car instead as commuter vehicle.

The silver electric vehicle (EV), with a slogan “zero-pollution, zero-emission” posted on the car body, carried Wan back and forth between the conference venue, his office and the media center.

“Colleagues of the ministry are more willing to take EVs, as every kilometer they travel means a reduction of PM2.5 emission, compared with gas vehicles,” Wan told a press conference on Thursday on the sidelines of the annual session of National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature.

Wan spent 10 years from 1991 as an auto engineer in the research and development of new energy vehicles for the Audi Corporation in Germany.

By the end of 2000, Wan returned home at the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and was appointed chief scientist and group leader of a key national electric vehicle project.

In April 2001, he began to work in Tongji as director of the center of new fuel automobile. Four months later, he became Assistant President of Tongji. In July 2004, Wan was promoted to president of the university.

In 2007, Wan, a non-Communist party member, was appointed the country’s minister of science and technology.


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