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Mercedes Bringing Tesla-Powered EV to U.S. Next Year | Autopia |

Mercedes-Benz is finally getting into the attainable electric-vehicle game with the B-Class Electric Drive, a compact Benz with a 115-mile range, a four-hour charge time and a price considerably cheaper than the awesome all-electric gullwing supercar. Even better, U.S. consumers get it before anyone else.

The B-Class is a popular compact across the pond, but the introduction of the awkwardly named B-Class E.D. (insert Viagra joke here) marks the first time Mercedes will sell the five-door hatchback in the states. When it goes on sale next year, the electric version will be the only B-Class variant available.

In typical EV-retrofit fashion – see also Mitsubishi iMiEV, Ford Focus Electric, etc. – Mercedes took an existing platform, ripped out the conventional drivetrain and installed an electric motor and a battery. Mercedes says the B-Class Electric Drive is good for more than 100 kilowatts (around 135 horsepower), with maximum torque – nearly 230 pound-feet – available the instant you hit the pedal. That’s enough grunt to get this sucker up to 100 mph – Benz won’t let you go any faster – while hitting 0-60 mph in “considerably less than 10 seconds.”

That’s another way of saying “eventually.”



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