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[Meeting & Telsa Factory Tour Updates] Adding AAA to Agenda – PG&E EV Manager, 3/16/2013, 10:00 am

All –

We also have a late addition to the agenda. EAASV’s Carter Chapman will be giving us an update on AAA and their EV driver support program in the Bay Area.

EAASV Tesla Factory Tour Update: Response to and interest in this members only outing has been off the chart fantastic. As the event gets closer we will conduct a lottery to select the lucky participants and build a waiting list of alternates should a member not be able to make it once the date is set. Due to the logistics of scheduling with the large quantity of weekend Model S factory deliveries (good thing!) we still do not have a confirmed date. Please stay tuned. We will update you as soon as we have more details.

If you are on Facebook – be sure to join our Facebook group where you can also indicate attendance at March 16th meeting:

This is an excellent opportunity to invite your non-EV driver friends to the meeting to learn about the many benefits of driving Electric. HP Auditorium is a fantastic venue so let’s fill it up and help accelerate EV adoption in the Bay Area.

See you on Saturday!

Paul Stith, Vice President, Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley



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