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Mahindra To Debut An Electric Car On March 18

India‘s first new electric car in more than a decade will be launched on March 18, ushering in what may be the first earnest and well-financed competition to petroleum-powered cars in the world’s second-largest country.

The Mahindra E2O is a four-seater hatchback targeted at upper-middle-class families in need of a second car in congested cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, where it expected to first go on sale. It is expected to have a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles) and a top speed of about 80 kilometers (almost 50 miles) an hour.
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Unlike the U.S., Europe, China or Japan, all of which have multiple automakers building electric cars and pushing for the infrastructure that supports them, India has just one: Mahindra Reva. The entity came about in 2010 when Mahindra bought Reva, a small electric-car company that over a decade sold less than 5,000 models of its tiny electric car, the REVAi. India has millions of cars on its roadways but only a few thousand electric cars, and almost no public electric car chargers.


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