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Li-rich layered cathode materials patent landscape 2013

High energy and power densities along with high safety are required to make the electric vehicle commercially viable. In order to comply with these requirements, new enhancements of battery material are needed. Three families of advanced cathode materials are the most serious candidates: High voltage spinel LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 compounds, LiMPO4 and xLi2MnO3.(1-x)LiMO2. Among them, the solid solutions between Li2MnO3 and LiMO2 have emerged as promising cathode materials allowing higher cell voltage than a basic Lithium-Ion battery (>4.2V) and enhanced capacities (>200mAh/g).

The present report analyses the patent environment and notably highlights the strategy of current major players. These major patent holders are end-users (Panasonic, Samsung, Hitachi Ltd, Hitachi Maxell…), battery manufacturers (Sanyo, GS Yuasa, Envia Systems…), material manufacturers (Mitsubishi Chem., LG Chem., Sumitomo Chem., TOSOH Corp., 3M…) and institutional players (University of Chicago Argonne, AIST (JP), University of Osaka…)

In a competitive sector starting in the 1990s with key patents being filed as of 1999, this « IP Overview – Li-rich layered cathode materials » provides you with a comprehensive panorama of the intellectual property landscape (around 700 patent families analysed) and helps you:

– Position your company’s R&D and IP Portfolio
– Identify key inventors and key players involved in specific compositions
– Understand the collaboration networks and theirs dynamics

N.B.: A three months access to the full patent database is also included
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