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Getting plugged in: Gulf Power showcases electric, semi-electric vehicles at exhibit

GULF POWER: Electric Vehicle Education Day: From pure plug-in electric vehicles to hybrids and extended-range vehicles, numerous electric-powered vehicle models offer different benefits.

Imagine a car with a trunk where the engine should be, a truck that is more fuel efficient than most compact cars or a vehicle that never needs gasoline.

They’re all here.

Electric vehicles are no longer just an idea of the future, and Gulf Power Company showcased that fact Thursday during its Electric Vehicle Education and Exhibit Day.

People had the chance to learn about electric vehicles, ride in them, take them for a test drive or just admire them during the event, which was hosted by Gulf Power at its corporate office in Pensacola.

Fully electric and semi-electric cars, including the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, the luxury Tesla Model S Sedan and even an electric pickup by Via Motors were featured, displaying some of the latest innovations in electric transportation.

“What we really want people to come away with is knowing that Gulf Power is here for our customers, to help educate them about electric vehicles,” said Natalie Smith, the communications specialist for Gulf Power.

Blair Farley, a research engineer with Southern Company, Gulf Power’s parent company, said that electric cars can work for a lot of different lifestyles, and the technology is constantly advancing to meet people’s needs.

And although the cost of these vehicles is likely one of the main concerns of potential buyers, Farley said that some models start at less than $20,000.


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