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Ford C-Max Energi Feels Like the Car of the Future

One of Ford’s most technologically advanced products for 2013 is the C-Max Energi, a plug-in hybrid that Ford says gets 43 miles per gallon. I tested one for a couple of weeks, giving me plenty of time to see what it’s like to live with the latest electric-car tech.

When I saw this unusual vehicle decked out in a Prius-like color Ford calls “Ice Storm Metallic,” it looked to me like a typical four-door hatchback. But hopping into the vehicle, which is about 4 inches higher than most small hatchbacks, it felt like I was sitting in a mini SUV. If you like that feeling of sitting high in the saddle, this car will give you a hint of that.

Ford has done an admirable job with the interior of the C-Max Energi.

Ford has done an admirable job with the interior of the C-Max Energi. The mostly leather cabin with its gleaming metal accents give it an upscale atmosphere. The front seats are firm yet comfortable — and they’re infinitely adjustable. The seats in the back are more roomy than most cars of this size, seating three medium-sized people — although I wouldn’t want to be the guy in the middle seat.

Like many new cars we’ve tested, you only need to possess the C-Max’s wireless key fob to start the car. That little talisman lets you remotely unlock the doors, and press the start button to get on your way. You’re greeted with a cool animation across the car’s screens, accompanied by spacey sound effects. That’s pretty impressive the first few times you take your seat.


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