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EVBCN Local Meet Ups: One Year & 22 Countries Later

Greetings EV Business & Career Network Members:

February 29th marks one year from founding this group. Yes it was fittingly founded on a Leap Year!

In celebration of EVBCN’s one-year anniversary this is our official notice to reach out to your EV industry friends, EV drivers and associates to host your own in person EV get togethers.

EVBCN membership now spans twenty-two countries and is quickly approaching 400 members. If you are not already attending EV meet ups in your part of the world – make it happen. I’m certain you will come away with new connections, learn about new opportunities, emerging business models and ideas to push Electric transportation ahead that you would otherwise have missed out on.

Feel free to start a group discussion to connect with others in your region. If you already have EV business networking events, please feel free to post those as well.

Sincere apologies to those who’s time zones will put this in your inbox after hours. While this is a special happy hour notice – recycle it often and invite your colleagues to join the LinkedIn group (

Drop me a note if you are in Silicon Valley – we are planning a meet up @ 6:00PM this evening.

It’s a great day to drive Electric! 


Paul Stith

Executive Director & Chief Electric Vehicle Officer 

PROJECT Green OnRamp | 

Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network |


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