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EV Could Make Up 1/4 Of Ford Sales By 2020

Once buried and left for dead, the electric vehicle (EV) has been gaining ground at a slow, yet steady pace in the automotive market. With a growing middle class globally, and climate change concerns is helping to revitalize EVs in recent years.

Now Ford’s new Chief Operating officer suggests EVs could make up one-quarter of their sales by the end of this decade

In an interview with Green Autoblog last week, Ford Chief Operating officer Mark Fields said Ford’s fleet of electric vehicles (battery, electric, plug-in and hybrids) could make up 10-25% of their sales by 2020.

Fields also said to help reach that goal will involve “electrifying platforms” as compared to electrifying single vehicles.

“And our manufacturing strategy will allow us to flex. For example, our Wayne [MI] Plant will produce the regular gas-powered Focus, the electric Focus and the C-Max hybrid,” he said.

With fuel CAFE standards coming into focus, Fields believes the companies base of electric vehicles will help reach CAFE targets. However, he also suggests firm consumer interest is vital in reaching fuel economy targets.


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