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Energy Charter which was put to all candidates seeking election to the Swiss Parliament.

On 26 September last, Solar Impulse and swisscleantech joined forces to write the Energy Charter which was put to all candidates seeking election to the Swiss Parliament.

More than 500 candidates (or 15% of those seeking election) from all parties signed it, and in doing so committed themselves if elected to voting for measures aimed at promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy.

After the elections it turned out that 30% of those elected had signed the Energy Charter. From this we can draw the conclusion that candidates who signed it had twice as much chance of being elected :). It also suggests that these questions of renewable energy are central among voters’ concerns!

Today, the action continues since many other members of parliament who have studied the issue have now told us that they want to sign the Charter. This approach encourages politicians to treat energy issues on a non-party basis. By signing it, they undertake personally to vote for measures seeking to achieve clearly defined aims:

On energy saving: to introduce a legal framework that allows Switzerland to cut its fossil fuel consumption by at least 40% by 2034 and 70% by 2050
On renewable energy: to generate at least 30% of total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020 and 70% by 2050

Our aim is to get more than 50% of MPs to sign the Charter!

The list of signatories is updated regularly. Click here!



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