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Electric vehicle company to open headquarters in Detroit, create 180 jobs to build sports cars

DETROIT- Following a more than 70-year hiatus, a former electric vehicle company is planning to return to Detroit.

Detroit Electric, which produced electric vehicles in the early 1900s, today announced its intentions to create 180 jobs by the end of 2013 to help produce a new lineup of all-electric vehicles, including a limited-edition two-seat sports car.

The new Detroit Electric sports car, according to officials, will “spearhead a diverse family of all-electric production cars,” including two other high-performance models that will enter production by the end of 2014. The sports car is slated to go on sale in target markets by end of August 2013

The new sports car will be unveilied early next month in Detroit, ahead of a global public reveal at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 20, officials said. The company released a teaser photo of the vehicle (embedded above) on Tuesday.

“We are proud to become the fourth car manufacturer born out of Detroit, and the first to manufacture a pure electric sports car from Michigan,” said Don Graunstadt, Detroit Electric CEO North America Operations, in a statement.


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