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Electric car gets good review | dagblog

by PeraclesPlease 3/23/2013 – 10:25 am
Okay, this isn’t a big post, but after some electric car company called an NY Times reporter a liar last month for the road test review, it was nice to see a very positive review of a practical shipping car, the Renault Zoe (no, I don’t own stock or work for the company).
I was quite content with my 1 Renault, plus in general like their diesel engines – one hopes the quality continues over car lifetime with electric power.
While a higher price than equivalent gas or diesel model, I assume that’s made up pretty quickly in gas savings.
As for the limitation of 75 miles, that’s way more than my typical city driving, and a bit over the one-way distance to the cottage for the weekend where I presumably would recharge. Sure, there are other scenarios where that’s not sufficient, but this is a great step towards electric feasibility.
Now if someone would let me drive around Lisbon for a week in it, I’ll be happy to write an even more suck-up diary….

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some electric car company called an NY Times reporter a liar
That electric car company was Tesla (don’t you just love that name) and that was a fun story to follow since both sides kind of set the other one up. The Times public editor’s conclusions on the reporter and story are here, if you are interested.
Problems With Precision and Judgment, but Not Integrity, in Tesla Test –
What is of ongoing interest to me is that that story and test were not about the Tesla’s electric car but of the supercharging stations it is building to service them. While I love the idea of having an electric car, I am not at all thrilled about some of the battery issues including recharging which can take a very, very long time.


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