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Electric Car Enthusiast Unveils Unique, Custom-Built Charging Bollard

BALTIMORE, MD – Last week, Rick Hesel, a self-taught electronics expert, unveiled an extremely unique and “green,” custom-built charging bollard for his electric car. After placing an order for a P28 Tesla, he began searching for ways to improve the electric charging system that had been installed outside his townhome and his ingenuity has led to what may be the most creative use of a plastic post cover ever.

“I’ve had a very strong inventive streak most of my life as well as a DIY mentality,” says Hesel, a principal at Baltimore’s Art and Science Group.” I believe that if you’re willing to do some research and hard work, and are eager to learn new things you can do just about anything.”

After having the electric car’s charging system installed, Hesel noticed several downfalls. The charging system was no more than a curb-side outlet that left mechanical and electric components exposed. Vandalism would pose a potential threat and rain water would create safety concerns. There are companies that offer plastic charging stations but Hesel says the shipping was expensive and the devices were not perfectly suited to his application. Rick decided to create his own plastic bollard charging station and he turned to Reliance Foundry to supply the plastic bollard cover.


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