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Electric Airplane Symposium – Early Bird registration deadline 3-15-13


Both Arthur Keller and Sybil Cramer have mentioned the upcoming Vehicles of the Future seminar.
That reminded me about another event that is sort of a leap beyond that.
Even with High Tech EVs that drive themselves, the problem of commuting in congested bumper-to-bumper traffic will not be solved.

Last year EAA Chairman Ron Freund and I attended the Sixth Annual Electric Airplane Symposium in Santa Rosa.
The promise of ultra quiet electric airplanes for personal commuting or general use as air taxis was very compelling.
With ultra short take off and landing distances, flights can start and end in small “pocket airports” in your neighborhood, rather than inconvenient large airports with expensive parking, security hassles, long waiting times, etc. Once aloft, there is plenty of elbow room in the sky and the auto-pilot can take over the controls while you do something else – just as if you were on a commercial air flight.

The allure of a scenic bird’s eye view during our commute beckons both of us back again this year for the 7th Annual Electric Airplane Symposium. One by one, the technological hurdles to autonomous electric airplane flight are being cleared. This symposium is where updates are reported and the vision is re-kindled. The day-and-a-half symposium starts on Friday morning April 26th and ends around lunch time on Saturday. A preliminary program schedule is here:

Until March 15th, you can register for $399. After that the fee increases to $499.

Here is a link to the registration page:

Up, Up and Away,


Jerry Pohorsky
Source EAASV


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