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Drive to put charging stations on every street corner steps up

Electric car charging stations could soon be on more New York City street corners following the release of what amounts to a complete roadmap for plugging in whole communities.

In a major push to prepare for growth in the sector, the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network — a group of 11 states working to promote the installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations — has released reports authored by WXY Architecture + Urban Design to help communities, employers, property owners, and local residents figure out the best way forward.

The guides aim to spur states and municipalities to build more places to plug in an EV and allow for a future of anywhere, anytime vehicle charging.

“The true promise of electric vehicles is that EV drivers should be able to charge their cars anytime and anywhere, by simply plugging into the utility grid,” said Adam Lubinsky, WXY’s managing principal.

According to Lubinsky, incorporation of charging stations and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) infrastructure will be a critical element of city planning, from large-scale neighborhood plans to smaller properties and sites.

While electric vehicles remain a new technology, states and local communities in the Northeast have been moving to maximize the potential environmental and economic benefits that EVs can provide.

More than twice as many plug-in electric vehicles were sold in the first 24 months of production than hybrids in their first 24 months of production, according to federal statistics.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a statewide network of 3,000 public and workplace charging stations through the new Charge New York program.

And Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for the installation of 10,000 charging spots for electric vehicles over the next seven years in the city.


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