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Consumer Reports Best Cars for 2013

The NIssan Leaf SL is their recommended electric car in the
subcompacts and compacts category. Both the Nissan Leaf SL and Ford
Focus Electric have scores of 78, but the Nissan Leaf SL rates a much
better than average in predicted reliability and owner satisfaction,
while the Ford Focus Electric is unrated. The Mitsubishi i SE is
also unrated, but has a score of 34. For the Leaf, the “highs” are
running costs, ride, instant power delivery, quietness, access,
turning circle, and reliability, while the “lows” are limited range,
high-pitched whine, no telescoping steering wheel, and agility. The
Leaf gets a higher score than any subcompact.

The summary says:

Nissan Leaf: Recommended

The Leaf five-seat, electric-powered hatchback has a 75-mile typical
range. A full charge takes 6 hours using a 240-volt outlet or 16
hours using 120 volts. At low speeds it is quick and rides
comfortably. Cabin access is easy, and the rear is fairly roomy. We
measured 3.16 miles per kWh, the equivalent f 106mpg. Running costs
are extremely low: 3.5 cents per mile at the national average of 11
cents per kWh. A heated steering wheel and front seats are standard.
For 2013 it gets a faster on-board charger. Reliability has been
Source SF BayLeafs


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