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BUSINESS BUZZ: New Nissan Leaf now in local showrooms | The Daily News Journal |

MURFREESBORO — The 2013 Leaf, built in Smyrna, is now in showrooms in Tennessee, including Nissan of Murfreesboro.

Justin Humphrey, electric vehicle specialist with the Murfreesboro Nissan dealership, said the local dealership on Memorial has already sold two 2013 Leaf vehicles and has a white Leaf SV in stock.

“Initial production of the Leaf (in Tennessee) began in December, with a strong ramp-up in January,” said Justin Saia, manager of corporate communications with Nissan North America in Franklin. “But it may take until the end of March for dealer inventories and vehicle availabilities to fill up.”

Humphrey pulled the 2013 Nissan LEAF SV out of the massive showroom on Memorial Boulevard last week to give it a test drive.

The sticker on the window says “Innovation that Excites. 100 percent electric. No Gas. No tailpipe. List price, $32,985.”

But with no gasoline required, there are savings. Annual fuel cost in electricity costs, according to the sticker, is estimated at $500. Advertised savings in fuel costs over five years are $9,100, “compared to the average new vehicle.”



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