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Battle of the Nerds: Chevrolet Volt vs. Toyota Prius vs. Nissan Leaf – Automotive News

The battle rages for the title of the best-selling plug-in vehicle. For the first time, both the Chevrolet Volt and theToyota Prius ousted the Nissan Leaf for overall sales. Volt deliveries tripled in 2012 to 30,090 units, making it the top seller of the three, with the Prius coming in at second with first-year sales of 27,181 units. The Leaf, leader in 2011 sales, only sold 25,435 in 2012.

Sales of all-electric vehicles have doubled since last year, and will continue to rise with a projected 89 percent increase. However, that is one-third of the demand automakers have previously expected. According to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, by the year 2020, electric cars will account for at least 10 percent of all auto sales. The Leaf continues to struggle, with its 2012 sales not even reaching half the number the company had targeted. Electric-vehicle business will now be under the guidance of Nissan’s CEO.



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